Daily Archives: February 6, 2011

Ecole Announcements

As you probably all know by now, Ecole has finally made two major announcements in regards to their fighting game franchises.

The first is the unveiling of their new franchise, unfortunately titled “Under Night/In-Birth”.

There has been much speculation on this game, which we will leave to the various forum threads on Shoryuken, MeltyBread, Dustloop, HomingCancel, and so forth. Per usual, Mizuumi will eventually host a wiki for this game once we have more information to work off of. If anyone out there has suggestions on the least laughable name for the sub-domain, feel free to suggest them.

The other bit of news is that Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code will be receiving another upgrade in Spring, featuring two new characters. One is confirmed to be Powered Ciel, one of the original Melty Blood boss characters, while the other has not been revealed. Speculation runs rampant on forums in the meanwhile.

This past month has been a slow time for articles since the majority of the Mizuumi-related communities are playing Arcana Heart 3. In the future, there should be some gameplay discussion topics brought up on the front page once people are familiar enough with the game to write for it.