Final Wiki Consolidation

The wiki consolidation project is finally completed. What’s been done? Here’s a run-down of everything that’s happened:

  1. Unused wikis have been removed: BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, Hokuto no Ken, Under Night In/Birth, and Touhou Hisouten Soku. For the first two games, please visit Dustloop for their new wikis. UNIB will receive a wiki if the game ever has an accessible console port; Soku has long since moved off Mizuumi.
  2. All the remaining wikis are now unified under This central domain allows a single login to edit any page for any game, with no sidebar edit required. This is convenient for the user as well as administration to track changes and make any necessary updates.
  3. Every wiki is now properly classified, with pages sub-categorized as appropriate for maximum navigational capability. Every page was manually ported over, which means edit history is lost, but all pages have been cross-checked for content and broken internal links (but not necessarily external ones).
  4. You will need to reregister an account in order to edit the new wiki. Accounts take 24 hours to auto-confirm; this is only required for page creation, not page editing.
  5. A number of stealth optimizations and tweaks have been made for increased responsiveness and lower load times.
Please let us know if you have any issues or questions. Thank you.
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4 Thoughts on “Final Wiki Consolidation

  1. Thanks for not removing the VSav wiki, even though it’s still a bit unfinished in terms of the hitbox screen-captures. Unfortunately it was much too large of an undertaking to do between two people, but hopefully we will get support from the community to update with cleaned and uniform screencaps up for all characters in the future.

  2. MorgensDunkelheit  |  

    I can’t believe GG is gone
    is there no backup of the pages or copy paste txts?
    is there any other way I can find them?

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