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What’s this site about?

Mizuumi is a gaming community that originally started with lesser-known PC gaming titles. As the years passed, the community has since branched off into a variety of genres, ranging from first-person shooters and real-time strategy to anime, retro-gaming and memetic distribution. The primary goal of this site is to be a definitive resource for detailed gameplay information on the hardcore side of fighting games both well-known and obscure. We encourage competitive spirit and discussion; if you would like to participate, click here to join the general channel or refer to the links on the sidebar for other sites of interest.

Why the name “Mizuumi”?

Mizuumi is Japanese for “lake”. I like water. There’s some personal reasons for it but that’s pretty much it.

This selection of games is pretty random…

It really is. While Mizuumi started out as a selection of games that I liked, I gradually added more to the lineup in order to provide for the fighting game community as a whole and to compile the collective knowledge of all the players I’ve met over the years.

You realize there’s other wikis for these games right?

Not all of them, and besides, the ones that do exist suck. Ours are better. That’s the goal of Mizuumi: “ours are better”. We focus on quality over quantity, and look at the gameplay aspects instead of lore or storylines.

Can I contribute to the wikis?

Sure, as long as you’re not bad at it. The wikis are regularly monitored to ensure that they are up to par quality-wise, so any egregious updates will typically be dealt with promptly without notification.

What about the blog? Can I contribute to that?

Please visit the frontpage forum to review submission guidelines, discuss, and review articles. Since the focus is on quality, preference will be given to people I know and trust to do good work. However, if you feel like you have an article worth contributing, by all means feel free to post it. All articles on the front page must be correctly formatted, cleaned up, categorized, and tagged. Articles should typically focus upon one game, a theory that encompasses the genre, or break down specific gameplay aspects in an enlightening manner.

How about matchvids?

Matchvids can be uploaded to the community Youtube account. Please contact me on IRC or the forum for the password. If you are interested in posting matchvids, please try to sort them into a playlist and make sure there’s enough content, i.e. not just one or two matches unless they are of good quality, or the focus of an analysis article. Further guidelines can be also found in the frontpage forum.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact us on IRC or the forums.

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